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Are you Protected?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block, encrypt and lock away important business data until a ransom is paid. Currently WannaCry ransomware is targeting all sorts of businesses in the hope they pay the ransom for encrypting their data. Ransomware is usually sent in the form of an email that looks very similar to general emails sent by Electricity, postal and general expense email’s. They entice the opener to download or open what they perceive to be a bill or confirmation of details form.

You should always update your system regularly, keep an up to date copy of your company data, install Antivirus on your computer and ensure it is kept active and up to date.

Why do you need Antivirus Protection?

Antivirus protection acts as a defence system for your computer and emails, blocking anything that is seen as a potential threat. The Antivirus protection software we recommend Is TrendMicro. It detects 99% of ransomware threats within email or weblinks. Without Antivirus protection, you put your business at risk, paying the ransomware to decrypt your files doesn’t always result in a positive outcome.

Even with Antivirus protection there is still a small chance of leaks. Unless your staff are skilled upon what to look for and are frugal when It comes to opening emails from unknown users. We are all at Risk!

What should you do if you receive a suspicious email?

If you receive anything suspicious the best thing to do is NOT open it. Ransomware files are very good at looking legitimate. You should always check the email address that it has been sent from. If you have other emails from who appears to be the same person, double check the sent address. Contact the number of a known source to legitimise the email.

What do you if you become under attack?

Firstly, to prevent the ransomware from travelling to other sources you should disconnect the network cable. Power off your PC, then notify your IT Provider or internal IT so they can take the appropriate action to stop a spread and contain the infection.

Why backups are important!

Backups are crucial for your business, if you become under attack from ransomware and you don’t have a backup solution in place. What happens if you don’t receive a decryption key or it doesn’t work. All your business information and customer Data is gone. You can also be liable for not having an appropriate solution in place to protect your data and customers data.

ITXperts recommend NovaStor backup solutions and If you would like a quote email: or Contact 07 3256 4414.

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